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Bertu’s Gym, established in 1982, has always been one of the most popular, fully-equipped general gyms in Malta. It has been the birthplace of many national bodybuilding and boxing champions throughout the years and is also very popular with fitness enthusiasts as it has a variety of settings to cater for your every fitness requirement.

News & Updates

Annual Christmas Posedown and Lunch


Annual Christmas Posedown is going to be held on Sunday, 8th December. This show is primarily aimed at helping fit individuals who wish to eventually participate in any local bodybuilding competition - to gain the desired confidence and experience on stage - in a non-competitive environment. This event is open to all athletes in Malta. Applications are now open! For more information please contact the gym.

Open for Public Holidays


Bertu's Gym is open on Sundays and Public holidays from 08:00 - 12:00 (noon)

New Technogym Equipment at Bertu's Gym


New Technogym Equipment at Bertu's Gym

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